High flow proportional valveHigh flow valve - Preciflow-IPC

The valves are particularly suited for use in the fields of breathing apparatus, anaesthesia and mass flow controllers. These fields of application require valves with a high flow, wide pressure range and low power consumption (e.g. for battery operation).


Proportional valves with controllerProportional valves with PositionerD controller

The Series 290 pressure operated valves, well known for their reliability, can be equipped with a proportional position controller. This precise, quick-acting and robust unit is suitable for use in industrial environments and outside applications..


Propotional valve with piezo technologiePiezo valves.
Our PIEZOTRONIC valve with proportional control is a high-tech solution designed for those applications with extremely low power consumption.


2 ways proportional valves2/2 solenoid valves

Solenoid valves for fluid flow control proportional to an electrical signal.


Application of proportional valvesApplications.

Many pressure and flow control applications with animated or static examples.


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