czerwiec 2011

Low maintenance stainless steel cylinders for extreme conditions

The new generation of “cartridge” stainless steel cylinders

Anticorrsive cylindersIn the food industry more than any other industry, machines are often under heavy duty use. Saline or lactic environments, frequent washes using active detergents, etc...

It is therefore indispensable to use extremely robust cylinders designed for extreme circumstances.

CIX cylinders include either:

  • An FPM scraper rod seal (or PTFE) “flush” type without a retention zone, which resists to very high pressure jets and an NBR seal rod
  • or as an option and according to your preference one of the two versions of front end cartridge:
    • the first one with two scraper seals and a rod,
    • the other one only with the scraper seal.

These two last offers, compatible with plain front end versions, allow the changing of seals without disassembling either the cylinder placed on the machine or the front end. During the disassembling operation there is no need to disconnect the pneumatic and electric circuits nor possible magnetic detectors

In the same way as you would change an ink cartridge in a fountain pen, you just have to unscrew the cylinder’s front end and replace it with the new cartridge.
A time gain of about 70% on maintenance not taking into account the cost reduction generated by a minimum stop time of the machine.

Main features of CIX stainless steel cylinder

  • Polished surfaces (Ra<0,6), rounded angles, laser labeling of references (no retention zone)
  • 304 stainless steel tube
  • Rod and other parts in stainless parts 316L
  • Each cylinder can be equipped with magnetic positioning detectors, amongst which the new model recently developed is easy and quick to install with stainless steel collars and flanges. 3 wires magneto-resistive type has a IP69K protection degree and an insulation class level III, it is also designed for the food industry : thermoplastic body, printed encapsulated circuit, PVC cable with M12 stainless steel male screw connector.
  • Prelubricated cylinder with grease compatible for food industry
Other technical characteristics
  • Diameter : from 32 to 100 mm as a standard
  • Stroke : from 25 to 630 mm
  • Cushion setting screwTemperature range : from -10 to +80°C (+200°C for cylinders with FPM seals, not equipped with magnetic detectors)
  • Pressure range : from 0.5 to 10 bar
  • Possible use with non lubricated air
  • ISO 6431
  • Cushion setting screw and connection ports located in the same zone: better access
  • 2 flats on each end of the cylinder to ease possible dis-assembly
  • Large choice of configurations and stainless steel mountings (feet, rear trunnion, cap eye with spherical bearing, female rod clevis...) with:
    • Threaded front end and rear mounting with 4 threads
    • Plain front end and integral rear eye - MP3