Tyre making Turbo-supercharger Laser cutting
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Controlled by the proportional pressure regulator in dependence on the tyre's diameter, the individual plies of the tyre are built up and a constant tyre quality is ensured. Exhaust gas flow is adjusted to the turbosupercharger depending on the engine speed to maintain the charging pressure at a constant level. The gas pressure is adjusted in accordance with the material and its thickness.
Ultrasonic welding Bottle moulding Micro-injection into living cells
The proportional pressure regulator adjusts the frictional pressure of ultrasonic welding machines. The blank is inflated to its optimal form via a proportional valve. A miniature proportional valve adjusts the air pressure injected into a syringe to control the injection pressure needed to transfer aqueous solutions into living cells.
Filling pressure
The liquid flows to the valve at a constant pressure irrespective of the fluid level in the storage tank. The filling volume remains constant.