Compensation of lengths in winding
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Spot welding Thickness compensation
Different lengths of winding material are offset with cylinders piloted by proportional pressure regulators.The tensile stress is controlled at the same time. The proportional pressure regulator controls the pinching force of the welding head depending on the material to be welded and its thickness. The pressure acting against the roller is controlled with a proportional pressure regulator. Different thickness in the materials is offset.
Servo unit for brakes Control of speed and torque Force
The proportional pressure regulator is incorporated in the bypass of a vacuum pump. The brake booster is checked against the set-point. Speed and torque are controlled by changing the pilot pressure. The proportional valve controls the force acting against work pieces on grinding belts, pneumatic presses etc.
The proportional valve pneumatically balances the weight over the cylinder pressure. Heavy loads can easily be lifted and lowered by hand.