Made from bronze, cast iron or stainless steel, this wide range of valves enables control of most neutral or aggressive industrial fluids.

Piston operated valvesPressure operated valves - Angle seat body
2/2 and 3/2 piston operated valves for neutral and corrosive fluids and steam up to 180°C.


Piston operated valves for process industryProcess valves
Valves for harsh applications, steam, hot water, agressive fluids...


Coaxial valvePressure operated valves - Coaxial technology
Coaxial technology allows to offer a very compact valve (the operator is in the same way as the fluid passage), to ensure a high flow rate and a low pressure drop.


miniature pressure operated valvesMiniature valves with DIN 11851 connection
Minimum dimension for maximum performance! All media are suitable, even the most agressive fluids.

ASCO Numatics